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There is no such thing as a small business only small ideas.  Phenixx Marketing offers the same great agency work and support to small businesses that we do to our larger clients.  How we do it? We work with small businesses by project or by partnership.  If you have a unique challenge or business need we will work with you to move your idea, event or project forward on a project by project basis.  We have found that small business owners benefit from our weekly touch base meetings and our get to work updates that show where we are on the project at all times.  Regardless of the scope of the project (creative, event, pr, website) we suggest starting with a bank of hours each month ranging from 8 – 40 depending on the size of your first or next big idea.  We will ensure that your project no matter how big or small will get competed to your satisfaction.  Our Phenixx small business guarantee, bring us your biggest business challenge and if we can’t launch it within 120 days we will return your agency fees.