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Brains Behind Brands – Phenixx Marketing & Media

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Making a mark

Telea Stafford (’03 M.B.A.) (Photo by Michael Clements)
Telea Stafford (’03 M.B.A.) (Photo by Michael Clements)
Telea Stafford has helped people meet their spouses thanks to her marketing skills. Sixteen years ago, she was on the team that crafted ad campaigns for, when the internet was in its infancy.

“The launch of that campaign was a big deal,” she says. “We were trying to change the behaviors of people who had never dated online.”

Now Stafford is running her own firm, Phenixx Marketing and Media, bringing in the knowledge she learned from years of experience working for brands such as Dr Pepper and Miller Brewing Co. and her courses at UNT.

As a college student, Stafford worked as an intern for Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Twenty years later, armed with an M.B.A. from UNT and serving as president of her own marketing firm, she headed DART’s campaign to promote its new line to DFW Airport.

“To go from intern to agency of record is huge,” she says. “We made a mark on the city to be a part of connecting DART to the airport after 20 years in the making.”

Stafford had always been a creative person — she designed her lunch bags for school — and after earning her undergraduate degree in advertising, she created campaigns for Dairy Queen and Taco Bell while working for Dallas-Fort Worth area advertising agencies.

“Then I said to myself, ‘What’s next? Do you want to go to New York and walk into an agency with brass logos on the wall like you see on TV?'” she says, adding that the internet was taking on its own life and creating new possibilities that appealed to her.

She landed at, where she helped make online dating commonplace. She then moved on to Dr Pepper and launched its licensing division so fans could wear “I’m a Pepper” T-shirts and eat Dr Pepper-flavored jelly beans.

During that time, Stafford studied for her M.B.A. at UNT, where her classes in finance, operations and law taught her the complexities of business.

“I learned about all of the strategy and thinking that goes into a creative decision,” she says. “What my UNT degree did was lay a plan for me, instead of me relying on pure instinct. This is important because when you’re meeting with clients, you don’t just show them the end product. You have to show them the thought process and strategy behind it to gain their trust.”

In her case, that means selling a vision — evaluating clients’ goals, gathering a snapshot of what consumers in the marketplace are doing, embracing risk, compelling clients to be confident and accountable for the outcome, and converting ideas to reality. She implemented those concepts at Nokia and, in 2012, started her Dallas agency.

“My biggest reward is that my legacy is in my work, a mental story board of how I influenced brands to become significant, relevant and compelling in some way that didn’t exist before me,” she says.

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