Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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At Phenixx Marketing  & Media we know how overwhelming it can be for small businesses to start and maintain an effective social media presence. So where to begin? This is where we begin. Check out the Phenixx Marketing & Media tips below.

  1. Define your audience – write down the details of who your audience is and find images to represent them
    1. What are the key challenges you can address or solve?
    2. What are the 2-3 KEY messages you want to communicate to your audience
    3. What social media channels does your audience prefer?
  2. Coordinate Your Social Media Channels
    1. Define the best social media channels to reach your audience and know that not ALL social media platforms have to be used for effectiveness
    2. Messages on all social networks should be used as a catalyst to push audience to your website for more information in your product or service
    3. Display social media icons on website header or sidebar to ensure people can seamlessly connect to platforms and follow your organization
  3. Start Small, But Start
    1. Social media takes time and energy, so set yourself up with a manageable load by choosing 1 – 3 social platforms to start with
    2. Consistency is key. Block time on your calendar to manage social media accounts.
    3. Share tips and information that help readers solve a problem. Share articles, etc. Your audience will start looking to your organization as an expert in the field
  4. Listen and Share
    1. Respond to comments and messages within 24 hours, even if they are negative. Social media buying agencies like Phenixx Marketing & Media and others can help with managing your listen & share.
    2. If a comment is negative, it’s your opportunity to turn it into a positive. NEVER erase negative comments unless it is vulgar or offensive, otherwise it looks as if you are hiding something
  5. Create A Daily Plan
    1. Decide how many minutes or hours you will dedicate to social media posting, commenting and sharing.
    2. Make a list of your activities for the upcoming week or month and decide if any of those activities can be incorporated into a social media post.  Media buying agencies often manage the content up to two weeks out for your team or brand.
    3. Join groups and communities that have a similar audience and start commenting and contributing information
    4. Welcome new followers and thank anyone who contributes, shares or comments on your social media channels

Remember, social media does not yield results overnight. It takes time to build your content and audience. Whether you decide to manage social media in-house or hire a firm, like Phenixx Marketing & media media buying team, do your research and keep track of how things are going to you can evaluate and adjust as necessary.

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